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[edit] John G. Egnatoff

Dr. John George Egnatoff was born August 18, 1914 on a homestead farm near Perdue, Saskatchewan, the seventh of nine children of Catherine and George Egnatoff, who immigrated to Canada from Russia via the United States, leaving in 1907 [need dates of arrival in New York and in Canada; father obtained homestead entry Sept. 26, 1908]. From these beginnings in a hard-working and joyful family of deep faith, he led a life of service to family, church, community, province, and country. His career as a school teacher 1935-1958 began in rural Saskatchewan. He soon became a school principal. In the second half of his teaching career 1958-1978, he was a teacher educator, first in Saskatchewan Teachers' College, and then as a Professor of Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan. In 1960-1961, he spent 10 months in Nigeria as a technical advisor on teacher education. He served on the executives of the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation, the Saskatchewan School Trustees Association, the Canadian Education Association, the Canadian Teachers' Federation, and the Canadian School Trustees' Association. He devoted two decades to the Saskatoon Board of Education, 1966-1985. He was active in Rotary beginning as a charter member in 1947 and founded clubs in Saskatoon and Lagos, Nigeria. He also served as club president and district governor. From his youth he was active in politics in many capacities as a unwaivering Liberal. He was Saskatchewan MLA (1948-52) for Melfort-Tisdale, was defeated in 1952, and ran federally in Saskatoon, June 18, 1962. He also served as labour negotiator, as a member of the National Parole Board of Canada, as a member of the board of The Forum for Young Canadians, as a member of the board of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, in his church as deacon and chair, and in numerous other organizations. In 1981, he was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada. He died August 12, 2005, 6 days before his 91st birthday and 63rd wedding anniversary of his marriage to Mildred Opal Chard (born Saskatchewan, March 6, 1919; died West St. Paul, Manitoba, July 4, 2011).

On several occasions after his retirement from his professorship at the University of Saskatchewan, he spoke of writing memoirs. Yet he remained so active in his family and community life and through continued involvement with many organizations that time did not avail itself. After he died, his wife and two children agreed that we would put his extensive collection of materials in storage until we could work on it, to piece together a story that spans an important part of the history of Saskatchewan. That work began in earnest on January 26, 2007. This wiki is part of that work.--Bill Egnatoff 21:12, 16 April 2007 (PDT)

[edit] Participatory Biography--Contributions Welcome

This site was set up February 13, 2007 and continues to evolve. It will include descriptions of the archival material, contributions from many people who knew John Egnatoff, and writings based upon both sources. If you are comfortable contributing to a wiki, here is how you can add a page with an account of your experiences. First email [Bill Egnatoff] and request an account. Once it is provided, log in, change your password (using Special:Preferences my preferences) and then follow this link to the Reminiscences Log page and follow the guidelines there. Alternatively, send your contribution to [Bill Egnatoff].

[edit] Archives Development

The development of the archives is described in Archives Development Notes.

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